Naughty Pokemon

Naughty Pokemon
Naughty Pokemon.

Pikachu and Charmander have bean some weary bad and naughty pokemon this day. They have bean mean to another Pokemon that still needs to wear diapers 24/7. They have calm him baby and pull his pants down allot of time so his diaper get exposed. What this Pokemon dont know is that Pikachu and Chamrander is not done whit the potty training either . They still have some bedwetting problem so they wear diapers every night to bed.

But after this mean and bad thing they have did to the other pokemon. Pikachu and Charmander get allot of spanking on the spanking machine and they get force back to diapers 24/7 like the Pokemon they have bean mean to. So now this 3 pokemon is on the same boat and Pikachu and Charmander wish that no won is going to tease them now. Do you think they are that lucky?

Draw by: spanking649.

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  1. Serves them right. I hope their bums turn as red as a ripe tomato. Hopefully the next time, they’ll think before they act.

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