Mom I want up

Mom I want up
Mom I want up

tsukikita wanting out of his crib!

Cub: tsukikita

Draw and text by: Wen


I can understand that tsukikita want to get out of the crib and maybe get a change from that wet night diaper. Cannot be that match fun to play in the crib whit a soggy night diaper so i bet he wont to have a clean one before he start playing. Or maybe he is hungry and wont something to eat after the morning change. Hard to tell but i think that he wont to have his bottle and maybe he can drink from his baby bottle meanwhile he gets his diaper changed. That can be something and then he gets some more time to play whit his toys and maybe his teddy bear. I bet he should like to have a long and fun playtime whit his teddy that he maybe love to play whit.

You dont need to be shy or blushing over the wet diaper you have. It is normal for a cub to have a wet diaper in the morning. It is there to help you and it help to keep the crib all dry and warm like you love it. :) It is not so match fun to waking up in a wet and cold crib in the morning. So it is completely normal that tsukikita have a wet diaper in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “Mom I want up”

  1. Maybe he’s hungry, that’s why he wants out of his crib. He definitely needs a diaper change. His diaper is soaked.

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