Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Bath time and cub care! Part 1
Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Matt was already out of his work a friday on the afternoon,he had already finished their working hours and was preparing to leave when someone called him:

“Matt, the boss called by phone and he wants you to bring him these important documents to his home!”

Matt:”Yes and no problem!”

Later,arriving to the boss house, Matt rang the doorbell , and the door opened and Matt said:
“Good afternoon boss!Here I bring the documents, now I’m going home!”

The boss:”Many thanx my boy…Matt…can ask you a question?”


The boss:”I think you’re tired and you need a good bath! Definitely you and your rear end needs a good wash and soap rubbing!I’m right?”

Matt:”Well…errr…yes boss!”

The boss:”No more talking,come with me in my special place…and is exclusive for you!”

Matt:”F-f-f-for me,boss?”

The boss:”Yes for you my boy…Now take off your clothes and I will gonna wash you,from head to toes!”

How good is the boss, he had prepared an special tub for Matt, he washed him completely and he spent a long time cleaning Matt’s round white bottom!

The boss:”You will go to your house very clean, but first come with me to my room, I have other cute things for you…!”

To be continued…

Draw and fix by: nelson88

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Look like Matt needed a good and big cleaning and like the boss say he was dirty and needed some help to get clean. And i hope he ends up nice and clean from his big and nice bath time that the boss is helping him whit.

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