Mommy’s gonna kill me!

Mommy's gonna kill me!
Mommy’s gonna kill me!

Accidents can happen… for some, more often than to others <.<

Text, Cub and draw by: TheGentileFenrir


I dont think your mommy is going to kill you for wetting your pants. Like you sad accidents can happens and some cub have more wet pants during potty training then other. But if it is like you say that you end up whit allot of wet pants i can understand that it is kind of hard for your mom to wash all this wet pants that you having. Maybe it should be best for your if you begin wearing diapers again to you are ready to tray again. Or maybe you can have some training pants that you can wear during the potty training. Maybe that can be something that should work for you? I can understand how hard it is for you and your mom whit all this wet pants.

1 thought on “Mommy’s gonna kill me!

  1. She’s not going to kill you. I think the most she’ll do is suggest you wear diapers. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s better than waiting until class is over to use the bathroom. Or having to stop playing baseball or football to use the bathroom.

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