Tanabe Badge

Tanabe Badge
Tanabe Badge

Cub: Mouse187

Draw by: TaviMunk

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11125129/

Wounder if this little sleepyhead are on it way to his little crib or if he have sleep. But i dont think so because his diaper look dry and i dont think his diaper should be dry if it was morning. Then it should be soggy and leaking if he have wet allot. I like the little ponny plushy he have whit the matching t-shirt. It look weary cute and it is not every day you see a boy whit a ponny plushy. That is more of a girl toy. But it is still weary sweet and fit good whit his pacifier that he is sucking on like allot of cubs do. :) I only hope that he ends up in his crib soon he look way to sleepy to be up any more.

4 thoughts on “Tanabe Badge

  1. He’s probably sleepy and is headed to bed. He had just been changed into a clean diaper, so it’s probably dry for now, or if he wet, it’s barely enough to notice.

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