Staying with the boss! 2

Staying with the boss! 2
Staying with the boss! 2

Follow up of this pic:

And a little later, the boss was in charge of applying on Matt, a good solid spanking!.

The boss:”Your round bottom will learn always my hard discipline!”.

After the punishment, the chef decided to put a diaper and pink pajamas on Matt!.

The boss:”Tonight you will gonna sleep like a cute pink little princess!”.

I’m sure that Matt will never forget that night, staying with his boss!.

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

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I am sure about this thing to. Matt are not going to forget the time whit the boss for a long time. I only hope for him that no one is going to find out about this. Special about the diaper and the pink pajamas. That should be major embarrassing if that get out. I hope that no won found out about this.

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