Aaaahh! Backgrounds are tiring to do XI
I’ve decided that Mable lives with her single father. He’s supposed to be picking her up in this pic, don’t know if thats apparent or not

wow, thats a small crib she could crawl right out through the window D:

Cub, top text and draw by: SugarMable


Yes i agree that bars on that crib seems to be little to low. Maybe he need to have some other crib so he dont can crawl out from it and maybe hurt him self. That should be something weary bad and that is a parents worts nightmare. The little fox should be safe in his crib and he has his diaper that he can use if he need to go. That is what it is made for to handle so you have nothing to worry about Mable. If it get to wet or messy you can cry so your daddy come and change you otherwise you get change in the morning.

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