Stroller in the Yard

Stroller in the Yard
Stroller in the Yard

Shawn the bunny-bear hybrid looking all cute’n’comfy in his stroller that looks a lot more like a carriage, which makes it all the cuter! ^^

Order cub and top story: snuggems

Draw by: myoti


looks like we have this cute bunny-bear hybrid Shawn outside in his stroller and same time sucking on his baby bottle. It is good that you have something that you can drink. So you have something that you can fill your thick and cozy diaper whit lather. And it look like you have some nice and good view from your stroller the same time. Maybe you can take your afternoon nap in the yard that have this wonderful and good view.  And it should be good for you to so you can get allot of nice air and sun. But first you need to finish your bottle before you can have your afternoon sleep that all cubs needs to have.


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