First Messy: Wet & Spicy – Video

So I ate this incredibly spicy seafood FraDiavolo last night and woke up to the rumbles this morning. Wanted to strap on a diaper because I knew it would be epic, and figured that a mini-enema would be to my ass what a glass of water would be to a burning mouth. Not so much.

Text and video by: Hudsonbab3

From the sounds off Hudsonbab3 diaper butt i think that we have a very messy diaper here that going to smell and stink allot soon if it not get change soon. It is good that his diaper manage to handle this big mess that he do in his diaper. It is not so fun to have a messy leaking diaper that is one of the worts thing to have.

Wounder what he means whit the First Messy? If it can be the first time i have messy his diaper maybe.


  • Jason

    Good video. I don’t know why you kept touching your diaper. Why not just let nature take its course and poop in it, and then change into a clean diaper.

  • abdl86

    Have you noot read the text to the post? It is not me in the video.

  • Jason

    I read the video. Just relax. I like the video. I poop in my diaper alot.