Buntewindel have made improvements on Fabine Exclusive

I recently get this information from Buntewindel about the Fabine Exclusive and here is what they say.

We have improved the moisture distribution system, so that the moisture even faster and more evenly distributed in the diaper, besides the Fabine has become a little thicker which is because of our new moisture distribution system.
We hope to have met their customers’ wishes and look forward to further constructive suggestions to the Fabine continue to improve. So that they can continue to be the world number one. Some of our customers also asked, if we could start a pre sale for this delivery, of course, if our customers want this we will make it.

Pre sale:

you can buy from us the Fabine you like, but the delivery is from the beginning of August, as soon the diapers are back in stock.


The order must be paid after the order confirmation. All orders that are not paid within ten days will be canceled to get the goods for free for customers who really want to have the goods. As a thank you to the customers who buy the Fabine in advance from us, and take the long wait until August to get the Fabine, they will get a special price, instead of 14.99 Euro only 11.99 Euro per pack (with eight pieces in the pack).

This pre sale ends, when the diapers are back in stock. Than the normal price will be again 14,99 Euro.
Your’s Buntewindel Team.

This sounds amazing. To bad i have a big size problem whit this kind of diaper like i have whit most ABDL diaper. The wings on the medium diaper is kind of small and the large is to big for me to get a nice and good fit that i wont to have from a diaper. But i maybe going to order it any way so i can try this new improvement on the diaper. Wounder how tick the diaper is now?

What do you think? are you going to pre-order the diaper?

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