All in one For my pups…too!

All in one For my pups...too!

As seen around lately, some cubs (including Matt) have tried the “all in one” machine …well it”s time that my pups pass through those mechanical hands too!

The second drawing the pups are already spanked by the machine!

Matt:”Ok my pups, bathing time to go!”

But as always, the twins did a great tantrum for not going straight to the bathroom!

Matt:”Okay, tough pups … well, for that reason and for moments like these I bought this machine called “All in one”,and she will do the job for me! Have fun my pups! “* CLICK *

All in one machine:”Warning!Warning! I detected two stinking bottoms that need a good bath!”

Who would want a machine like that?Me?Definitely!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source: // another version of the drawing whit red spanked butts like bad dogs have: //

It seems that allot of cubs have end up whit this all in one machine and now have Sammy and Remi this machine to. And like you can see they dont seems to like it but they newer seems to learn to behave.

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