All in one machine!

All in one machine
All in one machine

The boss:”Listen everybody! A new product has arrived!It’s a machine that will revolutionize the whole market!I designed it myself and will soon be available to everyone!”

One reporter asked:”And how you called your machine,mister?”

The boss:”I have named “All in one”!”

Another reporter asked:

The boss:”Because this amazing machine, does everything!This machine change diapers, clean the baby and if the cub gets a little difficult, also this machine will be used as a spanking machine!”

A third reporter asked:”We can see a demonstration?”

The boss:”Sure!And who will make the demonstration will be my most faithful employee, Matt!
Ok Matt, take off your clothes and lie down!”


The boss:”NOW!”

Poor Matt … used as a guinea pig and humiliated again…but I like it that!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

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This seems to be a nice machine that can do all this but it dont look like Matt is liking this and i can understand that. It dont so match fun to be advertising for a machine like that. I hope that no friends to Matt found out about this. That should be something even more blushing then have your butt fully exposed like this. I hope this work out good for Matt in the end.

It should be really nice and awesome to have a machine that could change your diaper and even spank you if you need something like that.

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