Receive my first order from Babykins

Receive my first order from Babykins

Today i receive my first order from Babykins. This is the first time i have order any thing from this company and a think every thing turn out very good. Like you can see on the picture they use plain shipping bag and on the info about the content it say clothing. so it is nothing to worry about this ABDL company is very discrete. No one can get a clue about what it is inside the bag.

The plastic on this plastic pants is very soft. I think i would say the softest plastic pants that i have try and like you can see on the picture the pants have some cute baby prints on it. On the info it say this plastic pants works great whit disposable diapers and smaller cloths diaper. So it should be nice to try out how well they work because the only thing i wear is disposable diaper.

If you wont to know more about this pants you can visit the company’s website or check out this post: KINS Vinyl Pants Lowriders Medium Weight

I can really recommend this plastic pants and you can newer have to match good plastic pants at home.

If you have any questions please comment below or send me a email.

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