Stumbling steps

Stumbling steps
Stumbling steps

i was tired of the way i was drawing diapers so i did an update to them, made them more poofy and cute lil designs ^^ However it also made it a lot harder to walk in >:(

Draw and character:Hitnrun17

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Seams that we have a cub that try to understand and learn how to walk. But like we all know it takes some time to understand and learn how to walk. And this poofy thick diaper dont make it to a easy task. But like we all know a cub needs to have a thick and poofy diaper that can handle allot of accidents and if he falls on the butt he is going to land on something soft and that is good. at least he is not going to hurt himself or something during this learning time if he wear this thick diaper that protect his butt if he falls like we know that he going to do allot of time before he have learned to walk. And i hope that someone can help him to achieve that goal.

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