The best diaper check

The best diaper check
The best diaper check

This is the best diaper check that Foxy knows about. It is something nice when you do something like this whit a wet diaper and it maybe do a special sound to. But some time the diaper can get broken when you do something like this. And that is not a good thing to have the thing that is inside the diaper all over the floor or inside the pants. But Foxy only do this when he only wear his diaper and t-shirt and when he is alone. Mommy dont like when i do this time of thing she say this is a bad thing to do. But we all know that it is hard to stop when you have found something that you like to do. This is whiteout any doubt the best diaper check in the world.

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

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  1. Nice. That’s what my diaper looks like after I’ve wet it. Who knows why parents don’t like drawings like this? I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. Whether you wear diapers by choice or by need, it should be your decision to make, and no one elses.

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