Receive my first order from Qualitydiapers

Like the topic say today i receive my first order from and that is something that i have bean waiting for a long time to try have a chance to try this diapers and this was only possible because they recently release there Race Car Diaper in a bigger size that i have blog about before. This should really be something nice to try them for the first time.


Like you can see on the picture it is hard to tell from this neutral package that you have order diaper. So this company is really discrete about what in the package.

Diaper Package

It is match that you can say about the diaper package more then it is transparent like the package are from

Race Car Diaper

I know the focus of this picture is little bad  but you can clearly see the front design of the diaper.

I have not have a chance to try this diaper yet because i recently get the order and decide that i would like to do this blog post. I maybe going to try it tomorrow i am not sure yet.

I would like to send a special thanks to that help me forward this package from US. The shipping price was very nice and that because of the nice discount they have whit DHL. The shipping was send from on Tuesday and i receive it today (Friday) That is a very nice and good delivery time. Maybe because that i pick and pay for the Express delivery and that was only possible because of the nice and good discount that the company have.

If you wont to learn more about how you can use this service to? Maybe you should watch there commercial or visit there website. My ABDL Life rely recommend this company if you need a international package forwarding service. I am going to use this company if i need to order something else from US that not ship to Sweden or when the shipping price is to high. Then this company is going to be something that i can use.

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One comment on “Receive my first order from Qualitydiapers
  1. Gabe says:

    I like those diapers to I want to try them so I ordered a 20 pack because they are so cute and plus I like to wear diapers they are really comfortable

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