New Pacifier For Fangthefox

New Pacifier For Fangthefox

New Pacifier For Fangthefox

*Happily sucks on my new paci, wearing the diaper it came in.*

(my regular diapers are cuter >.>)

Draw and the cub by: Fangthefox


Seams like we have a very happy Fangthefox here and i can understand way. It is always nice to find a new and good pacifier to suck on in there new diaper that you have receive. It is a very good and special surprise to find and that make it to a very special and relaxing sucking moment. Only thing that is missing now is that he should wet his new and cozy diaper now when he is this relax and calm. And i agree his regular diaper is match cuter then he wear now.  That seams to be the Wellness Brief this is the first time that i have seen a babyfur wear this diaper. But some time should be the first time.

You can see more art that i have post from Fangthefox here.

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