The Complete Diaper Training Hypnosis

I find this complete diaper training hypnosis pack on Warp My Mind. Seams like it include all things that you need to be back in diapers 24/7 like the incontinent baby you are. ;)

Baby Induction. – A guided imagery induction that uses nursery images to lead you down into trance.
Night Diapers Curse. – You will loose bladder and bowel controll when you sleep. All dreams you have you will be wearing diapers in the dream.By day you will find you have increasing urge incontinence. TV commercials about diapers trigger the urge.
Curse 24/7 Incontinence – A permanent curse complete 24/7 bladder incontinence and bedwetting that would include wearing cloth diapers and either pink plastic panties, nursery print plastic panties or plastic lined fancy Rhumba panties.
Stroke Panties. – Every time you masturbate while wearing panties it increases your need to wear then and your diaper dependence.
Soul Mate. – Makes you seek out a soul mate that understands and shares your desire to be diapered and will change them and be your mommy.
Curse Baby Bladder. – Causes you to loose sphincter control as you bladder reverts back to the way it was when you were a baby.
Diaper Training. – Diaper training file that removes your control of your bladder and bowel when you are diapered. When you have bowel movements in a diaper you will feel very emotionally upset, you will also wet them at night and be unable to get up in the morning if you are dry for any reason.
Diaper Destiny. – This file makes diapers part of your destiny, perhaps an accident, perhaps an illness, but your subconscious will eventually force you to be incontinent. NOT removable!
Train Baby Bladder. – the free TrainBabyBladder file connected to the Baby Induction.

The only thing that is it cost 40 USD to bay and i dont know if it will work. But i bet it can be a nice listing time and maybe it working for you :)

You find the file here if you wont to download it. I wish you the best of luck in your diaper training.

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  1. hi I am baby Jeremy new to the baby seen need both a single mommy who loves diapers or a adult baby girl and diaper lover all in the same house I am handicapped don’t drive a car I am in northern California

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