Pokemon Hypnosis

Do you wont to be a Pokemon ? Maybe you can get the change now whit this two Pokemon hypnosis files that i have found on Warp My Mind.

Another Pokemon file Pichu

A file designed to permanent turn you into an anthropomorphic Pokemon Specifically, Pichu. Mental and physical transformation this file cannot be undone.

Suit of Umbreon’s Pleasure

Description: What? I like pokemon, sue me. I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but I’ve gotten quite a lot of support from people I’ve met here on WMM and decided it was worth adding more to this small niche of fetishes, so this is a bit of a thank you to those people (you know who you are)! I also happen to like living suits, especially plush ones. This one is much different from some of my other files, as this one takes you down into being nothing but a horny umbreon. Uses a lot of degradation, making the user feel like they’re nothing more than a pet… an umbreon… oh it’s just so exciting! Rated X for Mind Control, male masturbation, and other things that I forgot to mention. This is a scripted, story-based hypnosis file which will begin to hypnotize you as you read it, so when you first open it up be ready! Enjoy, and as always feel free to comment or send me a PM about your experiences, as I always love to hear people’s reactions. I will now let the file take it away, enjoy!

You need to be premium member on Warp My Mind to download this Pokemon hypnosis files. I dont know if this work but this hypnosis files sounds very special.

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