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TweetPee: Huggies sends a tweet when baby’s wet

TweetPees Hompage: http://www.huggiestp.com/

Hashtag #pee! If you’re looking to keep up with Junior’s bladder goings-on when you’re not in immediate range of his diaper, Huggies is making it easy to do that via social media.

TweetPee consists of a sensor and a Twitter alert. The cute little bird-shaped sensor attaches to the front of the diaper. When it senses a change in moisture, it sends you a tweet letting you know it’s time to get off of Twitter and attend to business. You decide whether to retweet that message to your followers.

A corresponding TweetPee app also tracks the number of diapers used so parents can make sure they don’t end up without one next time they get an “it’s time to change him/her” tweet (not that Huggies is trying to sell diapers here or anything). For now, it appears the TweetPee system is only available in Portuguese, so English speakers will have to keep up with their whiz kids the old-fashioned way for now.

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Huggies TweetPee Device
Huggies TweetPee Device Source: http://claradactyl.tumblr.com/post/49957768289/wow-laughingsquid-huggies-tweetpee-device

This dont look like something that i wont to attach to my babys diapers if i had any baby. Who should like to get this type information on your twitter account? Way should that be imported that you should get a tweet when your baby have wet the diaper.

One thing that is good is that the program keeps track on how many diapers you have left and when it is time to bought some more diapers. That is something that can help a parents allot special if there stranding in a diaper section in the store and thinking about if they maybe need to bought some more diapers for there babys. Then they can easy check that whit help of this app.

Something that should be fun is to test this system on adult diapers if that should work. That should be something that i should like to try to see how it works.

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