Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression

Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression
Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression

Order: The_Lost_One

Draw by: toddlergirl


Nice to see that we are back to this powerful and strange sticker that we let to know in the Babyfur Comic: Colt practice pages

What we can see and learn is that this bully relay get what his deserve by regressed back himself this time. I hope that he is going to learn his lesson and grow up to know how he should behave this time.

But this was a very nice and cute babyfur comic and i love this age regression pitchers :) It is so cute to watch when they regress back to be a baby again. I hope that we going to see more of this type of art fromtoddlergirl.  I only wish that should happen to me. Should be nice to be a baby again and dont need to hide any more that you wear thick and cozy diapers that baby needs to wear.

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  1. If only such a sticker were really available. I’m 40 yrs old, and while there are some aspects of being an adult that I like, there have been many times when I wish I could truly go back in time when I was an infant, when my mother would change my diaper without protest, without question, and just love me and care for me like a little boy.

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