Poochyena: Crunch

Poochyena: Crunch
Poochyena: Crunch

Just a pic of Crunch being an adorable crinkle butt, wanna give him a cuddle? he loves cuddles! ^^

Cub: poochyena

Draw by: TaviMunk

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10562180/

This is the cutes pose that i have seen in a while. The drawing is very cute and this make poochyena to look little extra cute this time. Maybe he is going to mess or wet his diaper in this cute and adorable pose. Or maybe he youst wont to be all cute.

Do you wont to see more art from Poochyena and TaviMunk that i have post? Then you can click on there name that get you to the right page. I hope that you are going to like what you see.

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