My brooked plushy

My brooked plushy
My brooked plushy

This is the worst fear ever for a cub that loves his plushy. I have think allot about this over the past years and i hope this dont going to happen to me irl. That should make me so sad if my plushy get broken. That should make me cry allot and i dont think i going to have a good sleep for a long time because i should relay miss my broken friend.

It is easy to change a wet and soggy diaper. But it is not that easy to change a brooked plushy that have bean living close to your hart for a very long time. Nothing can replace that.

This is something that can make you very sad if something like this happen to the plushy that you love.

Draw by: batladie

Here can you bought your own Pikachu plushy.

You can find some more Art from Batladie here.

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