Diapers I Wear Them

Diapers I Wear Them
Diapers I Wear Them

Source: http://dailydiapers.tumblr.com/post/49913935277/reblog-if-you-do

This was a nice pitcher and i can agree to the pitcher that i am proud to wear and use my diaper like i should be. How about you? Are you a proud diaper wearer to?

If you are it should be nice if you made a comment below that show us all how proud you are to wear your diaper.

Looking forward to see your comment and wish you a very good and nice diaper time :) You cannot deny that you love to wear and use your diaper like a good baby should :) Way should you use the potty when you have your pressures diaper that you can use instead. It is what there are made for to handle if you know what i mean ;)

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