High Chair Victory

High Chair Victory
High Chair Victory.

it’s so nice just to let go and allow yourself to be babied especially when you know it really pisses off your tormentor for the last 16 years. I wonder how long the paci will last now that the tables have been turned.

Fox: ace_fox84

Draw by: catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10490936/

It seams that ace_fox84 finely have beat this magic pacifier and turn the table to his advantage. Hi is sitting there in his High chair and fully accept the his is a baby.  But i think that the magic pacifier is going to get revenge in some how. Wounder what the pacifier is going to do? Maybe ace_fox84 is going to regress even more of something? I hope that we are going to see more pitcher from ace_fox84 so we can see if the magic pacifier do something about his threat.

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