Max Diaper Extend Wide

Max Diaper Extend Wide

It seams like Max Diaper have start to sell there diapers would wide now :) Thats is good and i hope this is going to help people to know that you now can shop Fabine and ABU diapers from this Swedish reseller

If you wont your product to be available in this store you can check this page out.

I have a blog post that i made when i order diapers from this store the first time. It was when the for the first time open the gate to there store. So i think lots have happen over this first year. But if you wont to read about it you find the post here. The blog post is in English so you need to understand Swedish or translate the page if you are going to understand it.

I hope that you are going to like your order if you decide that you should make one. And i hope that you are going to like there shop. I wish you the best of luck whit your first order on Max diaper and hope that you are going to like there service.


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