50) Little Fur’s Productions – Video – My ABDL Life

50) Little Fur’s Productions – Video

Little Fur’s Productions
Stamp On The Ground
Have fun
Artwork by Tavi Munk
Video by Pandr

the 50th little fur’s production video is up, WOW started putting these videos in 2010 and I have finally reached 50 of them.

I hope you enjoy this one I had a lot of fun making it and bringing all of LFP videos to you thank you for all of you all of your comments and views.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4579048/

Yes i can understand this. It is a very big day and think that was so many years that your start whit this work and how many hours you have work whit this videos. I hope lots of Youtube users have like the art and i hope i have help allot bay posting the videos on my blog. I hope that you dont stop making what you do and i bring you the best of luck Pandr.

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