Nice morning walk

Today was it relay nice to be out for a morning walk. But today i dont walk 9 KM that i did the last weak. Because i think i get some foot problem from that long walk so i only walk for 6 Km today and that is a long walk to. The weather today was beautifully and the air felt fresh. Felt like it was a very nice spring morning and i like to be out walking in the morning.

I try to be out walk 5 – 4 Km every day so i can lost some wight. I hope that some day i going to have a slimmer hips so i can get more comfy fit whit some of the diaper i wont to wear special when it comes to adult baby diapers. Right now it feels like i am between the Size M and L. where the M feels a little bit to small and L feels to big. So i hope if i lose some weight it going to be the fix for my problem that i have whit this diapers.

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