Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars

Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars
Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars.

I love this idea as a concept, mean individuals getting retrained by being regressed and reraised. Well stealing is bad so hopefully they’ll learn not to do it again.

Word and drawing from: toddlergirl.

Order: toyapup.


Looks like they are paying with their adulthood for this crime and i can understand way this old lady make this happen. It is not nice and good to steal something that dont belongs to you. I can only hope that she raise them well so the dont ends up behind bars in the future. But i think she is going to do a nice and wonderful job whit raising them to be all well behaved.

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  1. Old lady is witch who is on good side she just curse them if bad matter might make them stay baby for life

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