Not every day that I shop at GameStop

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English: GameStop logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the title says, it’s not every day that i shop something at GameStop. But today, I decided to buy a game for my Wii U. The price was very good and I like the Need For Speed ​​series. So I decided that i should bought the game.

Complete list of what I bought:

Need For Speed Most Wanted U.

Wireless Controller Plus

I hope the game is good that I bought. Will try to run it as fast as my Wii U Gampad have charged batteries. I have not used my Wii U in a while so I would not be surprised if it needs to download some updates before i can run the game. And i think the game have some updates to that i need to download before i can play it.

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  1. gamestop is a preatty good place to shop. they sell used games which you have 7 days to return it if needed, like if you dont like it or something. i used to work there. some can be a bit annoying though. but thats more the people than the store.

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