Crinkle CAUGHT! and Crinkle babied

Crinkle CAUGHT! by Shiro
Crinkle CAUGHT! by Shiro

Yeah, seems didn’t exactly get away during the chase and after a blast like that might take a looooooooong time to recover. >///////<

The poor coon is Gilga.

The art is done by: catmonkshiro


'Crinkle babied' by Shiro
‘Crinkle babied’ by Shiro

Seems the evil evil faeries have decided that poor Gilga needs to be punished a little extra this time around, not only changing his clothing but denying another much needed change….

The poor coon is Gilga.
Art by: catmonkshiro


Yes this seams to be some very evil faeries here. wounder what he have don that make him earn something like this? Or it can be some faeries that decide to have some fun whit him. I dont think he going to get out of his diaper for a long time. I think the faeries is going to force him to wear and use his diapers for a very long time.

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