Playing Dress up

Playing Dress up
Playing Dress up

Ronald and Foxy was invite over to Leo for a party. but the did not know that it was a girl dress up party. So now the standing there blushing deep whit some cute dress and the diaper fully exposed. The can only hope that no friends found out about this.


Leo: masterleo

Foxy: abdl86

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Art: Launny

I would like to thank ronaldmccoon that order this wonderful cute drawing. I like it allot. The look on our face is so special. we are so embarrassed over this.

I think ronaldmccoon have so cute diaper butt and the diaper is so fully exposed when we wear this short dress :) But it should be more cute if the diaper we was wearing was pink. That should be something more to blush about.

1 thought on “Playing Dress up

  1. two cub are boy and wearing girl dress they are embarrassed one cub is girl dress two cubs

    look like Leo got playmate with foxy and Ronald as sister and both boy volunteered as playmates

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