Foxy’s new rules!

Foxy's  new rules!
Foxy’s new rules!

1)”You’ve been a very naughty little fox and now wait for me in your room!” shouted  Foxy’s   mom!

2)In his room, Foxy was planning, how to get rid  of a good  spanking ,courtesy from his mother …

“How I’ll get rid of this big problem?Think Foxy,think! Put that little brain to work!”

3)Foxy:”I  got  it!I will write a new  rule that I invented, and so in that way, my mother respected my rights to be a Fox! No more spanking for this little  fox!

4)Foxy:”Mom, before  you roasts my  little  bottom, let  me say something very important!

Foxy’s mom:”And what is it?”

Foxy:”In this piece of paper, it’s written a new rule for  this house! And  says: “No more spankings for Foxy! Understood?”

Foxy’s  mom:”And who signed that document?”

And with a big grin Foxy said: “Me!”

But unfortunately for little Foxy, he was laying on his mother’s lap, receiving multiple slaps on his butt!

Foxy:”Definitely this idea was a great flopperoo!Next time I’ll get a lawyer!OUCHIE!”

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by  me: nelson88

Guest  character  invited Foxy.

Not draw by me.


Seams that mommy dont agree to this new rule :( I think i need to come up whit some other rules that mommy maybe is going to accept.

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