Fabine Exclusive – The Adult-Size Pampers – DPRTube

Fabine Exclusive, the most babyish adult-sized diaper I’ve seen. It is also THE most absorbant diaper on the planet. This is me styling in one.

This video and text is posted by: Babyman on DPRTube.

I most agree to what Babyman say about this Fabine Exclusive diaper. It is some relay good and nice diaper. And he look weary good in them to. I have try this diaper to but i have some size problem whit AB diapers like i have mention in a old blog post. which is bad because it is a relay good and nice diaper to wear and use when it absorbing that match. should be awesome to have a nice and snuggle fit on that kind of diapers. I hope i going to fix this during summertime.