The easter pups!

The easter pups!
The easter pups!

1)Sammy and Remi were worried because they had been chosen to be the Easter Bunnies, in a play at school!

Sammy:”Dad, we were chosen to personify the Easter Bunny at a school play, and we haven’t the costumes available!Can you help us?Pleeease?”

2)Matt:”Let me think!It’s your lucky day, since I have saved for many years, two easter bunny costumes, which my friend and I used at school when we were pups!I will look for those now!Wait here my pups,I’ll comeback in a sec!”

3)Remi as he usually , started bragging about himself saying:
“You’ll see when everyone at school see me dressed like the Easter Bunny!All eyes will be on me alone!”

4)Later …

Sammy:”Hey Remi, you’re absolutely right, with that pink easter rabbit costume , all eyes will be on you!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by me nelson88

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.

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Seams like it going to be a hard day for Remi when he is forced to wear this pink easter bunny costumes whit hart print on a school play.

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