1) Matt supposedly had good news for his pups!And began to call them right away!
Matt:”Sammy, Remi!Where are you, boys?”

Sammy:”We’re here dad,in our room, studying and doing  some school assignments!”

Matt:”I  have  some  news  for  both  of  you!”

Remi:”And  what it is, dad?”
Matt:”Your dearest cousin Sarah, comes this weekend  and will gonna stay with us!”

2)Sammy:”What have you said,dad?”
Remi:”Silly  pup! You didn’t hear what dad has just said?Cousin Sarah, comes to stay with us this weekend!Do you remember the last time when  she was here?She was   hunting  us like mice!”

Both  pups:”IT CAN’T BE! NOOOOOOOO!”

*********************  ***********************  **************************

3)As the days passed, and as expected in  the  weekend,  cousin Sarah arrived, and  she very  exited  exclaimed:”Here  I  am! How  I wanted to get to this house and play living dolls with  both  of you!And look what  I brought, a pink dress for you, Remi! And this time, none of you can escape!!…

4)Much later …

Sarah:”Where do you think you’re going, Sammy?Look  at Remi ! He’s quietly and was very cooperative with me!Now it’s your turn,  I will  dress you with a yellow  girly outfit, but if you refuse to wear it, I will use an stricter technics  on you!”

Sammy:”And may I ask, what techniques you will use in me?”

Sarah:”Toast your butt, with my brush!”


Poor pups, this  definitely will be  a   endless weekend !

Artwork/lineart  by  Victor/color/story  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.


From boy to girl. Yes i can agree this seams like it going to be a hard and long weekend for this two cubs.

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