Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail

Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail

Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail

Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail offers hygienic, hands free disposal of incontinence products. It has easy to operate pedal for hygienic. Simply step on the pedal to open the lid, then drop your incontinence products through the trap doors. It has great capacity, despite small outer dimensions.

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  • Akord Incontinence Disposal Pail is made of super strong ABS plastic which makes Akord odor and scratch resistant.
  • ABS does not turn yellow over time, even if cleaned with bleach.
  • Door opens wide for quick and easy emptying.
  • Triple seal system uses unique trap doors to contain odors in the pail.
  • XL holds up to 12 large to extra-large briefs before it needs to be emptied.
  • Large holds up to 10 small to medium briefs.


Large: $48,99.

X-Lage: $70,52.

I know it is allot of money but it can be relay worth it. I have newer regret that i bought a diaper pail.

You find this product here.

Seams to be a nice product for disposal of incontinence products. I have a diaper pail to but this pail seams to be mad for incontinence products. The one i have is mad for baby diapers but it still handle allot of adult diapers to so i think it have around the same capacity like this diaper pail have.

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