Nappies seriously manage your health: by Seann Odoms

Go on, laugh! What a weirdo! It is such a controversial statement. But, maybe it is not so contentious.

I am not medically qualified, but can only relate my experience and educated observations. I am an adult who wears diapers. I took a considered decision on practical and, to my mind, scientific grounds. I am not diagnostically incontinent nor is there any fetish or sexual motive involved. This is nothing to do with children. If you have an alternative agenda, please go away! The issue is medical incontinence pads (i.e. diapers/nappies) for adults and all products are easily acquired from chemists or online.

For years I had a painfully severe bowel disorder, causing inter alia incontinence, and finally took to wearing adult nappies 24/7 during 2 months of acute suffering. ….Suddenly I recovered. There was no other possible catalyst. The complaint was cured by diapers. Why?

It is purely biological. I handed my body back to nature.

When animals (and we are animals) need to urinate or defecate they do it on impulse; they exercise no control. Nature has ordained that, for the sake of health, bowel & bladder muscles by default expel urine and faeces. Clearly Nature has decided that retention of waste is harmful to the body. A conscious effort is needed to hold it.

So, what are we doing when we toilet-train children or even pets?

We are reversing natures plan.

Suddenly the bladder and sphincter muscles are re-conditioned to retain the waste by default, with a conscious effort required to expel it.

This cannot be good for our health.

You can read more about this on this page:

I dont relay understand what this man is trying to say about this. But i gees it have some good point about what he saying. But he have some interesting thoughts about this subject.

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