Foxy getting ready for Bed

Foxy getting ready for Bed

Foxy getting ready for Bed

Foxy getting ready to get to bed. He have recently learn how to put his sleeper on by himself. He love his sleeper whit the truck and digger print and like you see he still need to wear tick diapers to sleep. Because he is a heavy wetter and it is not nice and good if his diaper leaks so the sleeper and crib gets wet.

Hope mom get proud of me now.

Draw by: wen

I would like to send a special thanks to wen for the nice and fast work she did whit this drawing. It means allot to me.

I have so many nice and wonderful art that it should be nice to have some art on my wall some time.

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One comment on “Foxy getting ready for Bed
  1. imadiaperlover says:

    so cute n adorable

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