Are there Pokemon diapers?

I find this special question on and thought it should be something that i should post here. And here is the answer to the question if there are Pokemon diapers:

No, there are no Pokémon diapers. Pokémon don’t usually wear clothes so there’s no need for diapers, plus they can control their bowel movements. There might be a way to tell but that would mean scanning through the whole (640+) Pokémon anime series (cartoon) to see if there were any episodes with Pokémon wearing diapers in any day-cares.

You can find the source here:

But if you wont to look on Pokemon in diaper you can easy found allot of nice pitcher on google or on my blog. Yost click on Tag Pokemon to come to the right page for all Pokemon diapers relate pitchers that i have on my blog.

It can be that the answer to this question is not the right won. If i understand it right he/she ask more about if there are any diapers whit Pokemon print on. And what i know it have not be realest any diapers whit Pokemon print on. But it should be cool if it was any diapers whit Pokemon print on.

The only thing i have found is this baby cloths diaper whit Pokemon print on.

Pokemon cloth diaper
Pokemon cloth diaper

Kind of cool cloth diaper :) I should love to have a cloth diaper like this or a pair of diaper cover whit this print.

I found this cloth pokemon diaper on this site:

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