The spanking interview

The spanking interview
The spanking interview

1) Frank is a reporter and he has a very popular television show entitled “Amazing puppies”!
This time Frank wanted to invite in his program, the twins, Sammy and Remi, because they have broken the world’s record as the most spanked pups on the planet!

Frank:”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and pups of all ages!This time I want to introduce the twins, Sammy and Remi! Say hello to the audience, boys!”

Remi:”Hello mom!Hello grandpa!”

Frank:”Well, let’s get down to business!Wow! Both of you broken up the record, as the most spanked pups in the world!How do you feel now, being so famous?Before any of you answer my question, be very careful with this microphone!I bought it solely for this program!And it’s very expensive!”

2) Sammy had begun talking when suddenly Remi snatched the microphone from his hands and began to say: “Hello everyone! My name is Remi and I’m the most handsome and intelligent pup in my house!Who broke the record as the most spanked pup in the world is this pup that I have at my side, Sammy, not me!Sammy wets his bed, get bad grades, and most of the time disobeys dad!For this reason Sammy is the pup with the most sore bottom in the whole world!And the real cute angel at home, it’s me!”

Sammy couldn’t believe what he was hearing and said:

And started a big fight between them!

3)While Sammy and Remi were fighting, by “accident” they smashed the microphone recently bought by Frank!
Frank:”NOOOOOO!MY NEW MICROPHONE!Little devils, now you will see what will happen to both of you!”

4) Frank without saying a word, took the twins by their waists, put them on the desktop, pulled down their pants,undies and diapers and began to spanking them!And it all happened live and in full color!

The cameraman was a little confused and asked:
“Hey Lisa!What’s going on there?It was written on the script?”

Lisa:”I really do not know! But we will certainly have a very high rating!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.

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First time i have seen a interview end whit a spanking. But i agree that the Twins have earn this spanking and i bet it going to be more when the come home to daddy and he hear about how bad the have behave during the interview.

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