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A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had lost my job and my income that i have from this job. Now i have receive some weary good news from the unemployment insurance fund that i have bean qualified for the income relate insurance. Whits mean that i am going to receive 65 dollar per day five days a week in 200 working days. After that is going to be lover but i dont know how match i going to get then. But i hope that i going to find a temporarily job so i can postpone the day that i can get money from the unemployment insurance fund. I keep you all posted on the improvement i do in this thing.

This mean that i going to get 315 dollar per week if the information i have is correct.

Should be nice to see how all of this is going to end but i hope it going to end up all well and good for me.

How does Swedish unemployment insurance work?

Short information about the system how it works:

Most working Swedes are members of an unemployment insurance fund (A-kassa). This entitles them to up to 80 percent of their former salaries for their first 200 working days of unemployment. The following 100 days (so up to a year after becoming unemployed), are paid at 70 percent of previous income. Payments are capped at 680 kronor per day, though, so only people on relatively low incomes will receive 80 percent of their previous earnings.

You can read more here there i find this information:

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