Bottoms up

Bottoms up
Bottoms up

1)A big snowfall had fallen the day before, and Matt had a lot of work to shovel all the snow that had fallen in front of their house!

Matt:”Listen my  pups , I have to say something  important!”

Remi:”We listen to you, dad! We are all ears!”

Matt:”Much snow has fallen, and I decided to do this work  myself.
Near  our  house, exist  a small hill, Sammy  and  you, can go there and use your sleds, but I warn you something!Since I have a lot of work today, I don’t want to hear, fights, shouting, complaints … because if I listen to both of   fighting … your little  rear  ends, will be really sore  and  sorry!Each  of  you promise me that   will be playing in peace and harmony?

And  each  pup  nodded:”We  promise!”

2)But  the little truce between them, didn’t last long!And  between  them, sliding  downhill, started a  big fight!

3)While the fight between  them  continued, none  of  them  realize where  were sliding, and both stumbled over a stone and   fell buried with their bottoms up, in the snow!

4)Matt had realized what had happened, and he sat very quietly near his twins,and  very  slowly ,to each of them, dropped the pants, underwear and diapers,and  began to  slap Sammy  and  Remi’s  butts,   like drums!

Matt:”Ok boys, both of  you earned it!”

This drawing is dedicated to my friends

abdl86 and RonaldMcCoon

Pic  based  on  their  drawing:

which  is  based  my  story!

Lineart  by  Victor/story/colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


I would first begin whit to thanks nelson88 for mention me in the text

Seams it was easy for daddy to spank the twins now when the was stuck in the snow. Seams the even get spanked when the trying to have fun. Wounder what is going to be whit this two cubs when the grows up and how own pups. maybe the are going to spank there pups allot to? Maybe we are going to see that in a drawing some time.

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