The First Bottle Fiesta

The adult furry have the Furry Fiesta the cub have the own version the Bottle Fiesta and this is the first meeting.

The First Bottle Fiesta
The First Bottle Fiesta

Participants are:

abdl86 Is happy that hes friends like to come to this first Bottle Fiesta.

ronaldmccoon Try to be the first whit a empty bottle so he can get a new one.

poochyena Get a weary big bottle because he is so hungry all the time. But it semas like it was to big for him.

rexam-1 Like to relax when it comes to the bottle time. It is the best time he know.

This was the cub at the first Bottle Fiesta. Hope we can get some more cub to join the next Bottle Fiesta.

This drawing is made by: cyberpikachu

I have not draw this drawing.

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