The bad behavior pups part 2

The bad behavior pups part 2
The bad behavior pups part 2

1)Having been properly punished the  twins, Matt and  the  boss apparently, had more plans for  the  pups, between  their hands!

The boss:”My good friend  Matt has brought me a package with the new  diapers!What we will do with you two?Quite simply, both of  you will use these pink diapers, and will exhibit to all who work here!And  that  way will ended  your punishment!”

2)When finished talking, the boss was  in  charge  of Sammy!

3)And Matt was  in  charge  of Remi!

4)Everyone  in  the  company loved the new diapers that they wore Remi and Sammy!
You could hear comments like:
“Awww!Cute  diapered  butts!”
“Cute  sissy  boys!”
But I’m sure, for  the twins, none of what everyone  said,they   liked!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by  me: nelson88


Yes i agree this can be the perfect end to a spanking to let everybody see what sort of little pups there are. And to let them wear pink item only increase the last part of the punishment. I hope the going to learn to behave now from this relay embarrassed situation. But i think the going to to some more spanking and that soon before the going to understand that the need to behave.

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