The bad behavior pups

The bad behavior pups
The bad behavior pups

1)One day early in the morning, Matt had asked a very  important  favor to his boss.

Matt:”Boss, boss, I need your help urgently!”

The  boss:”Tell me all, I’m all ears!”

Matt:”My twins Sammy and Remi, haven’t class at school today, and I wanted to know if you can take care of them just for a couple of hours!During the morning,  I get to supervise and inspect today a large shipment of diapers with new designs!And I didn’t have enough time to take and  leave my kids at home!It will only be a couple of hours … please, boss?”

The boss:”Okay, okay!But I warn you, whatever your kids do mischief here  in  my  office,they will be punished!And you know that’s my specialty, with pups and those who aren’t!”

Matt:”Understood boss, and I give you all my power to do with my kids’ rear  ends, whatever you  want!”

2)But over the first hour, the boss’s office had become a madhouse!

3)The  boss:”Oh  no!I  leave my  office   for just for ten minutes  and look at all the chaos that you two have done here!”

The  twins:”We’re  sorry,boss!”

The  boss:”Maybe your little mouths are saying those apologized words now, but  the ones who really will  gonna  say  sorry are  your  little  butts!”

4)Matt had entered the office at that same time and his boss cried:
“Grab your very elusive pup, Matt!I’m busy with the ass of this one here!”

Bad behavior only leads to  a spanked  bottom!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


Seams like this two pups newer can stay out of trouble. I think the should learn something bay now whit all the spanking the gets. But it still seams the have lot of learn before that happens and i think there butt should be weary sensitive now from all the spanking. I hope the dont get any diaper rash because of this.

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