Man tricked handicapped girls to use diapers part 2

Seams like the have resale some more information around this. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet have talk to one of the handicapped girls Viktoria Andersson. She was also the one that report this to the police after she had done some own investigations where she have talked to Tena and other companies that produce incontinence products. When the company told here that the dont work like this she know that she need to report this to the police.

You can read more about this on Aftonbladet the site is in Swedish.

The Swedish police have this to say: The report we have received is from a woman who says she offered money to test products. But it is not a crime to receive money for testing product, says commissioner Elisabeth Ryden to TT

The police dont do any investigation at this point because they dont know how many victims it is and the name of the victim.


I just found out this interesting Swedish blog post:

A girl that try to contact this man ( Sandra Andersson ). She wont to offer the services to do this so she can get some extra money for a vacation. See even say that the enter family can do this for 18 000 Swedish kr thats is around 2650 USD. Is this a joke or what?

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One comment on “Man tricked handicapped girls to use diapers part 2
  1. Hi my name is Linda Calderon and I was the one who find out she or he was a fraud. I have a website called in english my disability You can read more about the diaperman or what we should cal her/him on the site. If you wont more information I know it all!
    Have a great day!

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