What Is The Secret Of A Perfect YouTube Marketing?

Video marketing is often overlooked strategy. Most of the internet marketers consider blog posts, article marketing and email newsletter as the most important part of their online marketing strategy. Of course, there are a lot of marketers who are trying to promote over the YouTube, but 95% of them are just doing it wrong.
Here are a few secrets about how to promote your website or product with YouTube, based on my own trials and errors for moneymakingideasblog.com. I hope this small guide will help you to stand out from the video marketing crowd.

Your YouTube Account and Videos

Make a brand of your main keywords. Create a new account using your keyword phrase as a part of URL of your channel. You will get better results. Don’t forget to rename your video to your main keyword. This is highly important.

Avoid common mistakes with description, title and tags

You can use main keyword twice for the title. For example, if your main keyword is dog training, You can rename your video to: Dog training – Review of the best dog training methods.

Put a URL in the first line of your description, then paste 300-500 word article related to your keyword. The good thing is that YouTube allows any content, even if it is not unique. Basically, all you have to do is search for the related content, find a few articles and copy a few paragraphs from each article.

Sneaky advice for the Tags-  Put some unique tag on first place. You can write virtually anything such as dogtrainingmyyoutubechannel. Put all other tags related to your keyword after this tag. Why? Because YouTube is ranking related videos based on the tags. When you put your unique tag at first place, YouTube will show all videos related to that tag, which means -your videos (assuming you put a unique tag on each video you create and upload).

Tip- don’t use URL shorteners. You can get easily banned from YouTube because of doing it.

Take advantage over your competitors with “Advanced settings” and Ping

Go to “settings” tab, find “advance” and add a recording date.  You can also ping your video clips by using free services such as BulkPing. This way your video will be indexed faster.

Annotations- Did you know that Google and YouTube are actually “reading” the text inside annotations? Take this leverage by putting your main keyword in annotations.

How to optimize your channel

Click on the channel settings. Upload an avatar. If you are skilled with Photoshop or some similar software, you can make a background for your channel to look more professional. If you don’t know how to do that, I strongly suggest to find someone on Fiverr to do that for you for $5. Channels with great background looks more professional and tend to convert better.

Channel settings- info and settings: use your main keyword for the title. IT is like  H1 tag for the website page. Write a short description with your main keyword as well, and don’t forget to put your main keyword in “tags” section.

Sneaky trick to prevent showing adsNobody likes ads, right? To prevent showing ads, go on “tabs” in channel settings. Choose “featured tab”, select featured/ creator option. Click on “finished editing”, then choose “add a feature video”. Here you will obviously select your main video. After you do that, select the option to playing video automatically and “prevent showing ads” option.

Add Your social profiles to your YouTube channel                      

This is an extra step. You can connect your Twitter (and even Facebook) account with your YouTube channel which will allow YouTube to send automatic updates. Just go to your account settings, select the “sharing” option and put your info in a boxes.

Build internal backlinks manually

Don’t buy expensive software which promises you to get comments, videos, etc. Instead of throwing your money away, you should spend some time to find a few videos related to your channel with big view number, then write a good, not spammy comment. These backlinks are very powerful, you should not underestimate this strategy.

Video Link Wheel

This is also often overlooked. Create a few videos beside your main video. First video should link to your main video and to your second video. Second video should link to your main video and to your third video, etc.

There are also more techniques about how to properly optimize your video and get more views and comments. You can share it with us in the comments section.

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Dennis Kay is an SEO expert and avid blogger. You can find out more about Video marketing sneaky tactics on his website moneymakingideasblog.com where he shares his tips with readers, helping them to earn money online.

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