Printed Fleece Onesies – Cosy n Dry

New Fleece Onesies from Cosy n Dry

New Onesies from Cosy n Dry
New Onesies from Cosy n Dry

Nanny is making some fabulous new printed fleece onesies to keep all her big babies warm during the cold winter months ahead.

Seams like Cosy n Dry have added some new onesies to there store . And this time the released some awesome cute fleece onesies whit some cute baby print. I thinking about to order one my self. I find a awesome cute one whit some care print on. I post a pitcher on it bellow.

Fuzzy Helicopters and Cars Fleece Onesie
Fuzzy Helicopters and Cars Fleece Onesie

Like i sad it was a relay cute one . I only hope that we can get the size right this time. It is kind of hard to get the right size some time for this type of product.

The have some more print that you can choice from and here is the complete list of the print you can pick.

Red with Zebras and Lions

Fuzzy Helicopters and Cars

Cheeky Monkey

Sleepy Bears and Mice

Baby Bottles And Jig Saw Pieces

You can make you order on this page:

Hope you find the perfect print for your Onesies .

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