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Foxy sleeping

Foxy sleeping
Foxy sleeping

Finely i have my new foxy drawing from roareyraccoon and it is awesome. I look so cute when i sleeping whit my Pikachu plushy and sucking on my thumb like a good little cub. And my diaper butt look kind of special to. This is a relay special drawing that he mad for me whit a new kind of coloring. But it make my character look so cute and special. Not every day you see a drawing like this.

many think to: roareyraccoon for this awesome drawing and ones again i think you did an amazing work whit this one.

I have not draw this one. I only have my character in it.

Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)
Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)

A new version whit a tail hole in the diaper.

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